The choice of materials is an essential step in the manufacturing process of an exceptional product, CARA carefully selects the materials used for its products. CARA constantly uses the most noble materials, used in the most advanced fields. The materials used leave no compromise in performance to ensure the exceptional durability of each creation, even under the most extreme conditions.


Gold has always been the source of desires and dreams. Even in its simplest state, its beauty is amazing. Gold is the symbol of durability and light, gold is stainless steel to air and water, regardless of temperature.

Thanks to the know-how cultivated by our jeweler, the precious metal perfectly matches the relief of each creation to become one with titanium.

CARA creations have a captivating brilliance, the enchanting lust of each creation is the result of a perpetual search for perfection and beauty. Polishers and engravers transcend their talent to express their inspiration through gold.

CARA uses exclusively 18-carat gold, a prestigious alloy made up of 750 thousandths of pure gold and a skillfull mixture of silver and copper necessary for the production of pink and white gold. White gold is associated with Palladium, a metal of the platinum family, it allows to obtain an exceptional brilliance.


CARA shapes each license plate holder from a titanium block, the alloy used is identical to that used in aerospace engine design. Titanium has incredible properties, its low density givers it an extreme lightness, it has an almost unlimited lifetime.

Its beauty and technical characteristics make it an obvious choice for CARA.

In order not to transform their molecular structure, the parts are not worked by deformation but by material removal.

Machining titanium is a real technical challenge, its hardness makes it a very difficult material to machine and requires the use of extremely advanced machines to program. The tools are subjected to a great deal of stress due to very high temperature rises and very long machining times.

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The aluminium alloy used by CARA is a high performance alloy used in the aerospace industry. It represents a perfectly adapted choice thanks to a unique combination of properties such as lightness, very high resistance, and excellent heat behavior.

Aluminium lasts forever, it is 100% recyclable without damaging its properties.

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